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Put on your headphones, pour yourself a glass… Together with Kati Brien, we’ve focused on developing exceptional narrations, sound quality, and musical scores. For more information about each episode, visit the episode notes.



Growl is about outsiders, like a little girl named Mo’ and a street dog, who find a different way to connect in the big bad city. Written by Nick Angel, narrated by Nene Nwoko with original music by Kati Brien and Julian Külpmann on drums.

What Happened to the Girl on the Bicycle?

A journalist visits an Eastern city inhabited by people of different customs, living on the opposite banks of a river. A girl and a boy act out a philosophical story about fate and an ordinary person’s role in predetermining positive change. We recommend headphones for this soundscape! Written by Nick Angel, narrated by Bhavnisha Parmar, […]

In a Café near Bastille

Comedy. A mise en abyme about seduction, philandering French presidents, cuckolds, and a Paris-style pick-up. A cheeky wink to Marcel Duschamp and Jeff Koons. Written by Nick Angel, read by Simon Johns, original music by Kati Brien

The Poet and the Princess

Written by Nick Angel. Read wonderfully by Stefanie Bruckner. Original marvellous music by Kati Brien. A sweet serenade about the duties of sustainable love. An artist and his Kristallweizen-drinking muse: one perennially hopeful and hopeless; the other loaded; settle on something selfless. Frivolous, fun, heart-warming. For more, see episode notes.

A Taste of the Future

Written by Nick Angel. Read by Simon Johns. Original music by Kati Brien. This story explores veganism, sentience, human primacy, and Deep Ecology. Peter Singer eat your heart out… literally. Does a murderer have more moral status than an old tree anyway? Wicked, slightly twisted fun. For more, see episode notes. 

Big Achy Love

Written by Nick Angel. Read by Margaret Ashley. Original music by Kati Brien. A dark fairytale about an orphan girl, the second world war, and the royal houses of Europe. I wrote the story after visiting Birkenau and reading Primo Levi who gave more of himself than any other writer I can think of. If […]

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